Auto Detail

Winnipeg Car Detailing Services

Car, truck and SUV detailing is basic auto maintenance to keep your vehicle's cosmetics looking pristine. Our auto detailers (car, van, minivan, SUV) remove contaminants and clean visible and non-visible dirt and dust from the interior and exterior of your vehicles. Whether it's a small older automobile, family vehicle or luxury car; our detail services can wash, wax, buff, polish, vacuum your vehicle to show it's true finish.

Basic Exterior Wash


  • Hand wash entire vehicle with quality soap and chamois dry
  • Includes door/ trunk jams and tire shine application

Exterior Wash w/Basic Interior Clean


  • Exterior hand wash and chamois dry
  • Basic vacuum (includes carpet mats)
  • Spray off rubber mats if applicable
  • Basic clean of interior vinyl, cup holders, etc…
  • Trunk vacuum (if empty)
  • Interior windows clean

Not-So-Basic Wash


  • Exterior hand wash and chamois dry
  • Complete vacuum (crevices, trunk/ hatch area)
  • Shampoo carpet mats/ spray off carpet mats
  • Thorough clean of interior vinyl (vents, crevices, etc.)
  • Interior windows cleaned
  • Minor spot shampoo as required (within reason)

Exterior Paint Prep


  • Exterior hand wash and chamois dry
  • Engine bay rinse
  • Door jams cleaned and degreased
  • Clay bar painted surfaces
  • Tar/ bug removal
  • Sealant application

Full Cut & Polish

$249.99 - $299.99+

  • Includes correction of basic swirls and light scuffs
    *Excessive quantities and severities may be subject to extra charge

Packaged Detail Services

Complete Interior Detail

$159.99 - $174.99

  • Exterior hand wash and chamois dry
  • Extract entire interior of vehicle
  • Condition leather seats if applicable
  • Thorough clean of interior vinyl (crevices, all compartments)
  • Headliner cleaned (if needed)
  • Doom jams cleaned and degreased
  • Interior Windows Cleaned

Complete Interior & Exterior Detail

$259.99 - $274.99

  • Includes all interior and exterior detail services
  • Overnight stay necessary

Complete Exterior Detail

$159.99 - $174.99

  • Exterior hand wash and chamois dry
  • Clay bar prep
  • Tar/ bug removal
  • Door jams cleaned and degreased
  • Exterior vinyl dressed
  • Engine bay detail
  • Basic polish, sealant and wax

Additional Services

Tar Removal


Engine Bay Detail




Spot Shampoo


Headlight Restoration


Basic Interior Clean


Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo


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