Auto Detail

Winnipeg Car Detailing Services

Car, truck and SUV detailing is basic auto maintenance to keep your vehicle's cosmetics looking pristine. Our auto detailers (car, van, minivan, SUV) remove contaminants and clean visible and non-visible dirt and dust from the interior and exterior of your vehicles. Whether it's a small older automobile, family vehicle or luxury car; our detail services can wash, wax, buff, polish, vacuum your vehicle to show it's true finish.

Why Nott A Quick Wash

Starting at $29

  • Wash vehicle with high quality soap
  • Hand dry with Chamois Towels
  • Apply Tire Dressing
    Estimated Time: 30 mins
    Additional services available


Starting at $69

  • Exterior hand wash with microfiber wash mitt
  • Interior vacuum\ trunk
  • Wipe down interior plastic, vinyl and dash
  • Clean windows with high quality glass cleaner
  • Degrease Tires, Rims and Wheel Wells
  • Interior rubber floor mats rinsed
    Estimated Time: 1 hour 30 mins
    Additional services available


Starting at $149

  • Everything included in Bronze Package
  • Bug removal with Red Lighting Degreaser
  • Rubber floor mats degreased and rinsed
  • Apply Dressing to tires and exterior plastic trim
  • Thorough wipe down of all hidden compartments
    Estimated Time: 3 hours
    Additional services available


Starting at $299

  • Everything included in Silver Package
  • Stain removal + Extraction
  • Carpet and seats shampoo
  • Exterior Hydrophobic paint protection (dirt, road tar, UV protection)
  • Apply Interior Dressing to plastic, vinyl, and dash
    Estimated Time: 4 hours
    Additional services available

Luxury Packaged Detail Services

Why Nott Platinum EXTREME


  • Everything included in Gold Package
  • 3 Step Full Paint Correction (Cut, 2 step Polish)
  • 2 Year Ceramic Coating
  • Interior Leather Conditioner
  • Interior Carpet Protection
  • Diamond Fusion (Ceramic Protection on Windshield)
  • Engine Bay Detail
  • Pet Hair Removal
    Estimated Time: 1-2 days
    Additional services available

Additional Services

Pet hair removal


Headlight Restoration


Engine Bay Detail




Clay Bar/Tar Removal


Ozone Treatment Clean Removes Odors, Bacteria, Viruses, Smoke and Nicotine


Cut & Polish


*Prices may vary (subject to vehicle needs/size) quotes will be provided and agreed to in writing prior to service being performed
*Disclaimer: Not responsible for any previous damages

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